Doctoral Course

Graduate Programs in Environmental Engineering Department of Architecture


Educational Philosophy and Goals

Focused on sustainable development, these courses attempt to foster high-level technical experts, researchers, and educators who can contribute to the society with adequate awareness of energy and environmental problems.

To nurture highly-specialized  professionals and researchers with  great competence in utilizing advanced expertise in environmental engineering, and who are also capable of playing an  active part in the international arena.

Ideal Applicants

  • Persons with wide-ranging interests in environmental problems.
  • Persons with a basic knowledge of a specialized academic field, who are willing to make every effort to achieve advanced expertise.
  • Persons who have creative and independent minds and who are eager to meet the challenges of leading-edge research.
  • Persons who have acquired the necessary level of education and moral values required for technical experts and researchers.
  • Persons who are willing to improve their communicative competence in both Japanese and English.
  • Persons determined to obtain the advanced expertise needed to realize an architecture for the future and the great competence needed to play an active part in the international arena.
  • Persons determined to become designers with an understanding of technology or highly specialized professionals and researchers with an understanding of design.

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