It is international design competition that held every year with different project and theme. The competition is open to all registered undergraduate / post graduate / doctoral students of any nationally recognized school, college or institution of architecture, engineering, planning, urban design, landscape design, environmental design and related disciplines of anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, social work, etc. The winners of the competition will be invited to the scheduled upcoming workshop.


Year Title The Winning Teams
2024 13th AILCD International Architecture Design Competition Design competition for a better and more peaceful world:“High School Design for Kharkiv, Ukraine”   The Winning Teams of AILCD 2024
2023 AILCD 2023 International Student Design Competition“Linear Landscape Kitakyushu Monorail”   The Winning Teams of AILCD 2023
2022 AILCD 2022 International Student Design Competition “Designing Post-Pandemic University Campus”  The Winning Teams of AILCD 2022
2021   –
2020 AILCD 2020 International Student Design Competition “Less is MOji – REboot the City”   The Winning Teams of AILCD 2020
2018 AILCD 2018 International Student Design Competition: “Beyond Growth – Bridging Wakamatsu + Tobata” The Winning Teams of AILCD 2018
2017 AILCD 2017 International Student Design Competition: “Low Carbon City Yahata” The Winning Teams of AILCD 2017
2016 AILCD 2016 International Student Design Competition “Digital City Kokura”  The Winning Teams of AILCD 2016
2015 LCTBC 2015 International Student Design Competition “re-RURALize the Orio-Hibikino URBAN fringe” The Winning Teams of LCTBC 2015
2014 LCTBC 2014 International Student Design Competition “re-Designing Kurozaki – LOW carbon HIGH rise City” The Winning Teams of LCTBC 2014
2013 LCTBC 2013 International Student Design Competition “re-SHAPING urban coastal land-SCAPES” The Winning Teams of LCTBC 2013 
2012 The second LCTBC 2012 International Student Design Competition on Low Carbon City in Asia Compact City Proposal for Dokai Bay Area in Kitakyushu (Japan) The Winning Teams of LCTBC 2012
2011 LCTBC 2011 International Student Design Competition “Low Carbon City Planning for Jono, Kitakyushu (Japan)”  The Winning Teams of LCTBC 2011